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Expertise in Stress and Burn Out

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Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist and Coach

Stress and Burnout - From Distress to Health

Stress is a loyal and incorruptible guide pointing to issues and patterns that impede our health, wellbeing, growth and development. When our physical and mental health are at stake it is appropriate to consult a doctor or a psychotherapist. Considering both the physical and psychological symptoms can help to quickly put things on the right track - so that appropriate and effective measures can be taken.
Therapy in English

Couples Therapy - Family Therapy

Relieving Stress in our Relationships

Working with stress originating in our relationships not only helps us to relieve distress. It also helps us to find and recognize our potential often blocked in unresolved conflicts. The potential to unfold in and with our relationships.
Couples Therapy

Services for Companies

Healthcare and Organizational Culture

Generally speaking: Healthy employees are an indicator for a healthy leadership in a healthy company. Healthy companies have the capacity to learn, adapt and grow.
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