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Engaging with Curiosity and Confidentiality

Coaching takes place in an informal, nonjudgemental, respectful, relaxed atmosphere of openness and curiosity - in a one-to-one setting. Needles to say, coaching is subject to professional confidentiality.

In coaching you can look in particular at the interplay between your work situation and your personality, the resulting patterns and the impact of that on your whole life. How does these patterns limit your personal growth, success, joy of work, fulfillment or authenticity in being yourself. What are the risks of your personal patterns? What makes you willing to pay a high price in terms of health and wellbeing? How balanced are you? What is it that you really need?

Are you treating yourself well? Why not? Why are you not changing something when you already know what needs to be changed?

Healthy Leadership

Another typical question addressed in coaching is leadership and how to lead in a healthy way. How to encourage others to not burn out and at the same time burning out yourself? How to convey what you need? How to stand up for it? What about your need for control and the incredible amount of effort it costs? Do you trust the inherent collective knowledge of your team? Do you only relay on yourself?

What about being clear in your expectations? What about being transparent about your own limitations? No limitations? Are you willing to really listen? To give real feedback? Are you able to fail? How to care for and support an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning without denying conflicts? Can you enjoy supporting others in becoming better than you?

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