Healthcare for Companies: Prevention Programs

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Sick-Leaves - An Unspoken Feed-Back?

Prevention in companies aims for healthy engagement and healthy growth often in order to “reduce the unspoken feed-back of stress-induced sick leaves”.

Levels of Burn-Out Prevention

Prevention encompasses different levels. It usually starts with providing basic knowledge about a health-relevant topic (e.g., “Stress-Reduction” or “Healthy Leadership”) to heighten the attention for it. This can lead into a deeper process of intensifying the discussion in seminars and finding your own creative and fitting actions.

The Transformative Power of Stress

Now it opens up into seeing the chances of the transformative power of stress that point to necessary changes. Using stress playfully for learning instead of fighting stress stressfully. Finally it can reach the level of integration of healthier patterns, rules and behaviors accompanied by “refreshers” to keep the change process alive.

Sometimes there is an organic way to integrate preventive measurements into already existing programs like leadership programs or health related offers in cooperation with Company Medical Officers.

In general it has been found particularly favorable to sensitize the management level first.

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