Healthy Team Building

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Creative Potential and the Treasures of Teams

Team/Organization Building turns out to be a fascinating endeavor when we begin to experience the self-organizing capacities of our companies with its priceless treasures beyond the usual attempts of controlling development. It’s more about facilitating good conditions for the creative potential to show up than trying to control (and manipulate) the direction it takes. And it takes a great deal of trust in the optimizing force of living systems and courage to allow this process to happen. Otherwise we hang in the omnipotent belief we were able to control the outcome of a highly complex process - often a ticket to burn out.

Renewing means: dissolving and developing structures

At the risk of appearing too academic it’s good to remember that we can describe companies and all living organizations as autopoietic systems. Autopoietic systems can renew themselves by constantly dissolving old structures and developing new ones. This happens by exchange with the environment (openness) and the metabolism and integration of this exchange in interaction with the system’s own dynamic potentials.

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